SPS Spindle Delivers Solution Used in the Milling of Seat Track Rails

SPS Spindle Parts and Service recently completed work on a project for one of our large aerospace clients who manufactures seat track rails. Seat tracks are installed on the floor of aircraft allowing passenger seats to be securely attached to the seat track rather than directly to the floor of the aircraft. This provides the option of moving or removing seats quickly simply by detaching them from the seat tracks.

Our client uses several Cincinnati Bridgemill machines equipped with four spindles vertically mounted on B-axis assemblies. Their challenge was that the spindle cartridges were not designed for their specific application and the spindles did not have the performance or lifespan for their needs. Additionally, if a spindle crashed or was in need of service, the task of removing the spindle and B-axis was a large maintenance operation taking hours to complete.

Working closely with our Italian partner, Capellini Electrospindles, we designed a new spindle that handles their process more efficiently. The original spindle had a maximum speed range of 7000rpm; the new solution has a maximum speed of 2800rpm. The new spindles deliver more power at their working speed of 2000-2500rpm, as well as increased rigidity. In addition to the rigidity, we increased the drawbar force and hardened the taper making the spindle more durable.

If a spindle required service with the customer’s old design, the entire B-axis assembly and spindle system, weighing over 800 lbs., would have to be removed from the machine as one complete unit. The work would take 1-2 technicians over eight hours to complete. Our solution, which uses a cartridge style spindle that flange mounts into a block housing, eliminates the need to remove the entire B-axis and can be done in less than two hours. Quick connections inside the housing and on the back of the spindle allow the spindle to be slid into the housing for a seamless installation. Maintaining a critical pivot point tolerance on the spindle face is simplified by using ground spacers and jacking screws between the spindle flange and housing mounting surface.

SPS Spindle has retrofit two of our client’s machines with this new efficient spindle solution and will continue to work with them until all of their units have been upgraded.