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Onsite Spindle Analysis Service

vibration-servicesSPS Spindle knows the importance of limiting machinery downtime. To assist our customers with their maintenance services, SPS Spindle offers an Onsite Spindle Analysis Service that specifically examines the condition of your machine tool spindles. This spindle condition assessment provides valuable information on the spindle drawbar system, tool holding taper, spindle bearing condition, and the vibration signature of the rotating assembly. Our Onsite Spindle Analysis Service employs the necessary tools to isolate and identify the failure modes most commonly found in machine tool spindles.


All too often, plants are forced to use reactive maintenance practices on their machine tools which can lead to unplanned excessive machinery downtime, and ultimately higher costs. SPS Spindle can help reduce those unexpected failures by providing valuable spindle condition data that allows your maintenance personnel to schedule and plan periodic maintenance, when it’s needed.


Spindle Analysis Services

Some of the services provided with our Onsite Spindle Analysis  

  • Drawbar retention force
  • Tool / Taper Contact inspection
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Taper Runout Measurements
  • 300mm Test Bar Runout Measurements


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