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Welcome to SPS Spindle Parts and Service LLC

SPS Spindle Parts and Service is an industry leader in Precision Spindle Repair

Welcome to the SPS Spindle Parts and Service website. At SPS, we believe that every call or email from our customer is a chance to not only offer our spindle rebuilding or repair service, but an opportunity to solidify a trusting relationship that gets you the results you need in a timely fashion. The trusting relationships we build with our customers, is the reason why people continue to use us for spindle rebuild services. Machine downtime is a huge cost to manufactures, and SPS Spindle has your solution. Our “firehouse” type service for your spindle rebuild means a quick professional response every time, when you need it.


High Speed Spindle Repair

Enshu S400When it comes to a high speed spindle, nothing is worse than when it breaks down and you are forced to pay for repairs. But, with our high speed spindle repair service, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We offer on-site repair service that identifies the needs of your spindle and we work on preventing future breakdowns.


Spindle Motor Repair

Our spindle motor repair specialists are here to help your needs. A spindle repair requires extensive attention from people who know what they’re doing. We are proud to say that our specialists have a lifetime of experience and have repaired many different models.


Machine Tool Spindle Repair

Our facility is equipped to handle machine tool spindle repair for customers who need gearbox or transmission rebuilding services. Whether you need a minor replacement, or a comprehensive overhaul, our specialists are here to serve your exact needs.

CNC Spindle Rebuild and Repair Services

We know your CNC Spindles are extremely important. We have years of experience providing rebuild and repair services for CNC machines.  When we rebuild or repair your CNC spindle, the work it performs will be as precise and consistent as when it was new.

Although you may not need our precision spindle rebuilding services today, we have put together some helpful spindle repair tips, spindle related videos, spindle industry news, and SPS Spindle weekly updates for your review. Enjoy.






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