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Ball Screw Repair

ballscrew1SPS Spindle Parts and Service LLC, has the experience and expertise needed to manufacture many machine tool components.  As well as spindle repair services, SPS offers a full line of machine tool services including ball screw repair.  We can, in most cases, provide 24-hour Reload / Repair. We also offer Reverse Engineering Services and can manufacture new parts from sample or print.



Our Ball Screw Services:

  • OEM Ball screws and nut assemblies
  • Acme lead screw and nut assemblies
  • Bridgeport mill retro-fit assemblies
  • Brass and bronze nut replacements
  • Rolled thread ball screws
  • Specialized CNC ball screws and Acme screws
  • Specialty screw with up to 200 threads per inch
  • Large screws up to 19 inch diameter
  • Multi-start screws

Why Choose SPS Spindle Parts and Services LLC for Ball Screw Service?

  • Our specialists have a lifetime experience of ball screw service, providing repairs and replacements to our valued customers
  • Customers receive free comprehensive evaluations
  • Perform emergency ball screw repair service for companies throughout the United States
  • Is you ball screw beyond repair? We can manufacture a new one for you
  • We can provide any assistance necessary for your individual solutions!


We take pride in telling the truth to each customer, so they understand their situation at all times. Whether they need minor repairs, or a full refurbishment, we make sure they know the severity of the situation from the beginning. One thing is for certain- we always run an organized spindle operation and are always ready to speak with a new customer about the service they need. We know how important healthy ball screws are for many spindle-driven machines. That is why we make sure to deliver our ball screw manufacturing and repair  services quickly and accurately.


Nothing gives us more pride than working with customers to solve their spindle issues. That is why we are able to form long-lasting relationships with our customers and keep our company in business. If you are ready to form an enduring relationship with a spindle repair company, contact us today. We guarantee the highest level of exceptional customer service and transparent honesty with all of our clientele.


Call SPS Spindle at 800-892-6258 or email us with any ball screw repair questions. 

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