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SPS Spindle Develops New Coupling Solution for Robodrill Spindles

SPS Spindle Parts and Service has developed a custom solution for Robodrill spindles that shortens installation time and limits vibration issues.

One of our customers approached us with an issue they were having with their Robodrill spindles. In many cases, installation of new spindles was taking upward of two to three and sometimes four days to complete. At times, the install costs were exceeding the cost of the spindle itself. They were looking for a better way. SPS looked at the entire system of motor, spindle, and coupling to identify the problem and potential solution. The OEM coupling used a very complex spindle interface with sheet steel between the coupling component and the motor coupling. With this heavy steel design, the coupling was prone to vibration if there was any type of alignment issue.

SPS developed a custom solution using existing technology. Our new coupling system, built out of lightweight aluminum, included either a 22mm or 28mm coupling component and a custom coupling that mounts to the Robodrill shaft. The two components are then connected using an elastomer. In essence, we have separated the spindle from the motor. The motor coupling is mounted to the motor and trim balanced at speed, and the spindle coupling is mounted onto the Robodrill spindle and trim balance at speed. The two assemblies are then connected using the elastomer.


Our custom coupling solution has cut installation time from days to an average of just three to four hours, and vibration levels have been greatly reduced.

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