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High Frequency Spindle Drives

SPS Spindle Parts and Service can supply high frequency drives (inverters, frequency converters) for high speed electric motors and direct motorized machine tool spindles.  In addition to providing high frequency drives, SPS Spindle can assist customers with repairs and retrofits of other manufacturer’s high frequency drives.


Available at SPS Spindle


high-freq-driveVariable Speed AC Motor Drives
Variable speed drives can be programmed to run a spindle motor at a certain speed, to stop at a precise position, or to apply a specific amount of torque. The modern AC variable speed drives can provide fast torque response and accurate speeds.


Engineered Drives
Engineered for a particular application and often utilize peripheral components.


Custom AC Drives
Designed and built according to customer’s specifications.


Below are the most common drive configurations provided by SPS Spindle:

  • Single drive in a protective enclosure
  • Multiple drives in one enclosure
  • Drives for multiple spindles operating one at a time
  • Drives for multiple spindles that are operating simultaneously.
  • Drives configured for testing a wide variety of motorized spindles.


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