SPS Spindle has the Expertise to Handle All Centerless Spindle Repairs

SPS Spindle repairs and services a wide variety of spindles styles, including centerless grinding spindles. While we do not see them as often as some more common spindles, we have the expertise to handle this unique spindle. Centerless spindles feature a regulating wheel spindle with a rubber wheel and another spindle running parallel to this with the grinding wheel. Parts are then run through the two wheels to grind the OD of the surfaces.

Centerless grinding requires a specific setup that allows the center of spindle to run while the two ends are locked in and remain stationary. Newer roller bearing models can be run and rebuilt fairly quickly and efficiently compared to older oil-bearing spindles.

All spindles handled by SPS are run and tested at full speed to simulate how they need to perform in the real-world environment of the final application.