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Deep Hole Spindles

Capellini Deep Hole Spindle delivers precision and flexibility for SPS Spindle client

At SPS Spindle, we take pride in offering cutting-edge spindle technologies tailored to precise grinding needs. Recently, one of our clients required an advanced solution for deep hole grinding operations, particularly for hydraulic cylinders in aircraft landing gear. Our solution: the Capellini Deep Hole Grinding Spindle, designed for versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. A… Read More »

SPS Spindle highlights industry partner CNC North

CNC North specializes in building new and also rebuilding older grinding machines. The machines are used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, and bearing manufacturing.  SPS Spindle rebuilds and retrofits the existing spindles that are used in these rebuilt machines. We also supply new state-of-the-art Capellini spindles for both the new and the… Read More »

SPS Spindle Manufactures and Assembles Large Spindle Assemblies

SPS Spindle Parts & Service recently completed the largest spindle that we have ever manufactured and assembled. The spindle is a very large work head that goes on an OD/ID grinding machine. It includes a quad set of 7048 bearings which will provide the capacity to hold a very large fixture and the parts that… Read More »

SPS Spindle Provides Capellini Deep-Hole Spindles to the Aerospace Industry

SPS recently provided one of our clients with two new Capellini deep hole grinding spindles for use in a landing gear grinding application. We work with many aerospace clients and have provided a number of deep hole spindles for this critical application. These spindles can be belt-driven or direct motor as shown in the spindle… Read More »

SPS Spindle has the Expertise to Handle All Centerless Spindle Repairs

SPS Spindle repairs and services a wide variety of spindles styles, including centerless grinding spindles. While we do not see them as often as some more common spindles, we have the expertise to handle this unique spindle. Centerless spindles feature a regulating wheel spindle with a rubber wheel and another spindle running parallel to this… Read More »

SPS Spindle Delivers Solution Used in the Milling of Seat Track Rails

SPS Spindle Parts and Service recently completed work on a project for one of our large aerospace clients who manufactures seat track rails. Seat tracks are installed on the floor of aircraft allowing passenger seats to be securely attached to the seat track rather than directly to the floor of the aircraft. This provides the… Read More »

SPS Spindle Develops New Coupling Solution for Robodrill Spindles

SPS Spindle Parts and Service has developed a custom solution for Robodrill spindles that shortens installation time and limits vibration issues. Challenge: One of our customers approached us with an issue they were having with their Robodrill spindles. In many cases, installation of new spindles was taking upwards of three, and sometimes even four days… Read More »

SPS Spindle Provides Premium Onsite Taper Grinding Service—including Big Plus® and HSK Systems

SPS Spindle offers their customers an onsite taper grinding service that minimizes downtime and extends the life of their spindles. Instead of sending a spindle or cartridge out for an overhaul, this service is done at the customer’s location, without requiring the spindle to be removed from the machine tool. With more than 10 years… Read More »