SPS Spindle’s work in the aerospace industry encompasses manufacturers of a wide range of commercial & military aircraft, as well spacecraft-related products. These products include aircraft components such as the fuselage, wings, landing gear, and engines, as well as spacecraft, launch vehicles, and satellites. Our customers in the industry segment generally require very specific tight tolerances, and due to the specialized machinery and lack of spare spindles, quick turnaround times on service. We’re proud to have provided spindle service and new spindle systems for General Electric, Collins Aerospace, GKN, Pratt & Whitney, and wide variety of other aerospace companies and their tier suppliers.


SPS works with companies on applications involved in the manufacture of most components for motor vehicles, including engines, transmissions, braking, suspension, and bodies. The principal products in this industry are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks and large transport trucks also make up the automotive industry. Manufacturers in this industry sector may run hundreds of machines throughout different plants and require assistance in managing their spare spindle inventory. They also require tight tolerances as their end-user requirements on finished components can require high accuracy.


Along with our work for the aerospace industry segment, SPS provides new spindles and spindle services to the defense industry where they are used to produce military aircraft, helicopters, drones, tanks, ships and other marine vessels, as well as their unmanned counterparts. Also included are arms and ammunition, missiles, satellites, and related systems. Many companies such as Boeing provide both defense products (missiles, aircraft, electronics, etc.) as well as commercial products such as commercial aircraft and satellites. Much like the aerospace industry, our customers in the defense industry generally require very specific tight tolerances, and due to the specialized machinery and lack of spare spindles, quick turnaround times on service. With the technological advancements in this industry, many of our new spindle applications require custom engineered products that give these manufacturers the ability to produce more challenging components quicker and more accurately.


SPS Spindle’s energy industry clients are comprised of companies involved in the manufacturing of products and components used in the generation of power through natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar. These products can range from components manufactured on a small CNC mill to large turbine shafts on a massive turning center. Some of the machinery in this sector is specialized and spares are not available. Quick turnaround times on service are essential to limit machinery downtime.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment used in the construction industry refers to the heavy-duty vehicles that are used for performing various construction tasks such as earthwork operations, new construction, material handling, and demolition. Manufactured components and the machinery used in this industry segment vary considerably in size and applications. From vehicle structures to fuel systems, the requirements of the spindle may be robust for heavy metal removal or high speed on a precise ID grind. The quality of the spindle service is critical to achieving the tolerances in heavy equipment manufacturing applications, and SPS has the experience needed for these manufacturers and their tier suppliers.


A wide range of metal and plastic components for medical applications are made on CNC machine tools. These high-quality medical components such as medical implants, surgical instruments, ultrasound equipment, stents, and pacemaker parts require a high-quality spindle system for their manufacturing. SPS has significant experience in this industry segment having serviced for companies like Tegra, Symmetry, and Waters.

Tool & Die

Today’s tool & die companies are diverse and usually have a mix of traditional machining capabilities along with high-production CNC machinery. Tool & die is sometimes used as a broader term covering today’s job shops which produce a variety of different products at varying quantities. Some of the products in this industry segment are fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes. With such a wide variety of machinery in tool & die, the experienced staff at SPS Spindle have the know-how and skills to provide quality spindle services.

Wood Products

Today’s woodworking industry is a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. The production processes of the wood product manufacturing sector include sawing, planning, shaping, routing, laminating, and assembling of wood products starting from logs that are cut into bolts or lumber that then may be further cut, or shaped by lathes or other machinery. Spindle systems used in wood products manufacturing can range from basic belt drive assemblies with a few components to modern high-speed spindles with automatic tool changing in CNC machinery. Understanding the harsh environment machine components are exposed to and preventing contamination in these systems is vital to extended spindle life.