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What Is A Spindle, Anyway?!?

With so many intricacies and variations in the spindle community, we want to take some time to break down spindles to a basic level. Here goes nothing… Spin·dle (n.) – a rod or pin that serves as an axis that revolves or on which something revolves. Thanks, Wikipedia! Machine tool spindles do the dirty work. […]

Ball Screws, Screwballs, and SPS

With baseball season reaching its midway point, it’s time to stop thinking about screwballs and to start thinking about ball screws and ball screw services…. SPS = MVP Do you hear that? No? Listen closer…That’s the sound of people around the world clicking across the new and improved SPS Spindle website.  (Image Source)   Why? […]

3 Simple Reasons to Choose SPS Spindl...

If you are familiar with spindles, chances are you know about SPS Spindle Parts & Service, LLC. If you don’t know about SPS, this is a great time to start. We handle a multitude of services ranging from preventative care and spindle repairs to on-site grinding and cooling systems. Our vast selection of offerings is […]

3 Reasons Why Keeping It Real Works

In the age of the internet, the times of the pushy, fast-talking car salesmen types are almost a thing of the past. Consumers are informed. We have too many resources not to be. This is why the businesses of today (and tomorrow) have switched their focus to enhancing product quality and improving customer experience. With […]

Spindle Repairs: What’s The Process L...

When you send your spindle in to us for a repair, you’ll likely have a few questions. What happens and how does the process work? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will it be more effective to just replace my spindle? Why are you the company I should take my services […]

In Need of Vibration Analysis?

In Need of Vibration Analysis?

We talk a lot about preventative maintenance, and it’s because we think it plays a crucial part in minimizing machinery downtime and the often large costs related to it. And, as one of the best companies offering services like high speed spindle repair, we know what we’re talking about. We do look after the best […]

Because We Truly Care

Because We Truly Care

Because we truly care about our customers’ ability to run their businesses and factories as efficiently as possible, we’ve put into place a lot practices that aim to help them with that. First of all, we’ve made sure that we offer a wide range of services, from gearbox to CNC spindle repair, to make sure […]

SPS Spindle Parts and Service Attends...

SPS Spindle Parts and Service Attends a Rally and a Conference

By now you probably already know that we’re one of the leading providers of spindle parts and repair services, which range from gearbox to ball screw repair, and much, much more. But, did you know that we also enjoy having some fun after a hard day’s work? The San Marino Rally (or Rally di San […]

We’ve Set Ourselves Apart from Compet...

We’ve Set Ourselves Apart from Competition, and Will Continue To

Spindle Machinery is not by any means simple machinery. Every year, the industry advances and changes. With changes in computer technology come changes in spindle systems—with research in new metals and engineering methods, comes changes in spindle systems. It almost seems as if the spindle industry changes as much as the time does. That’s why […]

Expect Big Things in 2015 and Beyond ...

Expect Big Things in 2015 and Beyond from SPS

SPS Spindle Parts & Service, LLC is in this industry for the long haul and we’re doing everything it takes to ensure that we don’t go anywhere. By only accepting the highest quality of finished products and delivering an exceptional customer service experience every time, we have grown into the industry trend-setters that we are […]