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What Is A Spindle, Anyway?!?

With so many intricacies and variations in the spindle community, we want to take some time to break down spindles to a basic level.

Here goes nothing…

Spin·dle (n.) – a rod or pin that serves as an axis that revolves or on which something revolves. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Machine tool spindles do the dirty work. They get no credit. They are the offensive linemen of the machine world, working together with the other parts for a common cause.


Spindles can be:

    • Boring – No, silly, not boring like your least favorite middle-school class. Boring is an actual type of spindle. Boring spindles handle internal diameters. They are noise-free and have high surface finish value.
    • Drilling or Grinding – Drilling spindles provide great thrust capacity while grinding spindles are used for precision and size.


  • Tuning or Tapping – Tuning spindles deal with vertical or horizontal lathes and turning centers while tapping spindles create internal threads.


  • Awesome – Awesome spindles are – wait… they aren’t really a type of spindle, but they should be. Spindles need to get some recognition for their hard work. They are the unsung heroes of mechanics.


The real question is: What is SPS Spindle? We are:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Customer focused.



We are straightforward and honest. We believe in always telling the customer the truth and setting reasonable expectations. SPS Spindle works with customers to solve their spindle problems.

We believe in a quick response time.  We value your time, but we are also thorough and patient during all evaluations to make sure you know the exact process.

We carry an enormous selection of spindle parts to make sure we the product you need, WHEN you need it.  We regularly update our equipment to make sure our technicians are using the most modern machinery when fixing your spindle.

We carry lubrication systems for air/oil injection systems, chillers that cool down your motor, and multi-axis milling heads to increase your machine’s productivity.

We offer so many services that this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are just some of the basics that may help you understand everything spindle-related. We know, it’s complicated. That’s why there are so few companies in the business (and none with our full-service spindle skills).

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