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We’ve Set Ourselves Apart from Competition, and Will Continue To

Spindle Machinery is not by any means simple machinery. Every year, the industry advances and changes. With changes in computer technology come changes in spindle systems—with research in new metals and engineering methods, comes changes in spindle systems. It almost seems as if the spindle industry changes as much as the time does. That’s why we’re always growing- we’re always researching the newest, latest and greatest practices in the spindle design, manufacturing, service and repair industries. Through our hard work and dedication, we’ve set ourselves aside from the competition, and we plan to continue setting ourselves aside for years to come.

A lot of people ask how we’ve managed to stay around all these years in such a seemingly niche industry, but the fact of the matter is that machine spindles are used far more in the world of manufacturing than people realize—in cutting materials, fixing things, even milling, the spindle world Is diverse and extensive. You’re probably using or eating something right now that, at one point in time, saw a machine with a spindle in it. That’s how we’ve stayed where we are—understanding all of the industries that need us and being there for them when they need us most. Here’s how we plan to stay ahead in the future.

We Never Deliver Anything but the Truth in Spindle Service

We’re called on for pre-emptive, routine and emergency services alike. Sometimes we see the same problem over and over again, but sometimes something truly catastrophic has occurred. If something is exceedingly minor, regardless of how far we’ve travelled or how much time we’ve spent figuring it out, we’ll always deliver the truth—that the repair is minor. However, if the spindle system has been completely compromised and is damaged beyond repair, we won’t beat a dead horse or try fixing something that can’t be fixed. Expect that if your spindle is beyond repair, we’ll tell you that right away, and not let the problem linger any longer than it absolutely has to.

Our dedication to delivering the truth has set us apart from our competition for decades. We plan to keep it that way.

We’re Always Ready to Take a Spindle Project

Some workshops and engineering businesses will tell you to wait your turn and explain to you just how busy they are and how many clients they have waiting on their services. You won’t get that at SPS Spindle Parts & Service. Our facility is fairly large and we always keep our working area cleared and ready to accept new projects. Regardless of how much business we may be dealing with, we’ll always take the time to accommodate a client, and we’ll never tell them we’re too busy. Which brings us to our next point.

We Genuinely Care About Our Client’s Business

Many businesses out there see their tasks and projects as just that—business. We see it as much more than that. Though we do make money, we frequently re-invest it into our staff and facilities to not only make our staff happier, but to greater serve our clients and make a safer environment for everyone involved. We want our staff to have the right education and tools to get the job done, and also to better themselves.

We understand when a spindle goes down, so does someone’s business’ efficiency. Though they may have other spindles doing the same task, those machines are now working over-time to get the job done for a missing spindle. We know that spindle down time means loss of business, so we pledge to get any project completed as quickly as possible so your business doesn’t need to suffer any more.

We don’t just stop at speedy, comprehensive service. If we come into an environment and see room for improvement, we’ll offer our expert advice to help that company become more efficient. We do the same for other companies that we do for our own—find room for improvement and then take steps to make it happen. We’re also open to your concerns and will respond to them quickly and accurately.. In the end, we truly believe that a fair deal and an exceptional customer service experience will result in a long-term, dedicated client base.

We believe that our products and services are an extension of ourselves. Every time we send out a technician to a site, every time we mail out a part or perform a service; that is a statement towards and about SPS Spindle Parts & Service as a whole. All of these things above are part of the core values that we’ve built our organization around. Reach us today nationwide toll-free at 1.800.892.6258.

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