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Spindle Repairs: What’s The Process Like?

When you send your spindle in to us for a repair, you’ll likely have a few questions. What happens and how does the process work? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will it be more effective to just replace my spindle? Why are you the company I should take my services to?

Those are all smart and rightful questions to ask yourself. Hopefully this breakdown of how our repair process works helps answer some of them:

The Process
– First, we do a Visual Inspection to see what came in with the spindle and what we may need that was not included when the spindle was shipped to SPS. While that visual inspection is being completed, we are documenting everything with pictures. Once we make a diagnosis, we’ll have a better understanding of just what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much the repairs will cost. But we won’t be able to quote you just yet! First we need to do a bit more of a detailed diagnosis…
– Next, we disassemble the spindle. We make sure to stay VERY organized during this process. Remember taking your bike apart when you were a kid, only to re-assemble it with a few extra bolts and screws that should’ve been reinstalled somewhere lying around? We’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen with your spindle. Again, we are documenting everything with pictures.
– Thirdly, we inspect components thoroughly in a clean environment. This is an integral step.
– Next is the failure analysis. It’s based on a 5-point procedure, which you can look at in detail here.
– After the failure analysis, we can quote you accurately based on calculating parts that’ll be repaired and replaced, breakdown and assembly hours spent on the job, and tertiary expenses like outsourced services.
– Next comes the actual repairs. We’ll start with machining and component rework, utilizing our precision grinding capabilities.
– Second to last is assembly. Or, reassembly that is. Remember how much attention we paid during reassembly? Now we can use all of those notes and pictures to our advantage and get your spindle back together properly. At this point we can practically repair one with our eyes closed anyway, but we still take all of the precautions possible to ensure a job well done.
– After that we’ll balance your spindle, which is an important step in allowing it to maximize its lifespan. Balancing will also prevent high noise levels. We use top of the line balancing equipment from Schenck and Balmac.
– And finally, quality control is the last step in the process. We put our completed spindles through a quality control process that covers the gamut, so we’re absolutely sure your machine is ready to use again.
So if you want precision spindle repair, look no further than to us! We’re not in the business of taking shortcuts, and we’ll do everything imaginable to ensure a job well done in a reasonable amount of time. Visit our website for more info. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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