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Spindle Drawbar Rebuilding

drawbar_assemblySPS Spindle offers complete rebuilding services on spindle drawbars and tool holding systems.  Potential problems resulting from low drawbar pressure or a faulty drawbar component can be extremely costly to your company.  Whether the problem is poor surface finish, low tool life, problems with repeatability, or spindle accuracy, the spindle tool holding system may be your culprit.


Periodic inspection of the spindle drawbar retention force and the complete tool holding system can help alleviate the problems mentioned above.  For machine tool spindles equipped with drawbars using belleville washers or coil springs, SPS Spindle recommends quarterly retention force measurements to ensure the spindle is running at maximum performance.  Along with retention force measurements, SPS recommends inspection of the gripper assembly on the end of the drawbar, and a thorough inspection of the spindle taper.


Proper inspection and maintenance of the spindle drawbar assembly and taper will help extend the overall life of your spindle, while also maintaining its accuracy.  Contact SPS Spindle if you need assistance with drawbar retention force measurements, drawbar inspection, taper inspection, or complete drawbar rebuilding.


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