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Six Spooky Spindles That SPS Services

Halloween has come and gone. With that being said – how many of your friends dressed up as spindle technicians at this year’s costume parties? Ten? Twenty?


Zero? Unbelievable! It must be difficult to gain inspiration since there aren’t many spindle specialists that are as professional as SPS Spindle.


No hard feelings. Really, it’s okay. We don’t handle motorized spindle repairs or ball screw service calls for the fame. We do it because we take pride in making a difference. SPS Spindle loves helping businesses of any size maximize their machinery’s efficiency, which makes life easier for everybody involved.


To keep our Halloween theme alive, here are six “spooky” metalworking spindles that SPS specializes in servicing:


    • Grinding Electrospindles – Don’t be scared of these spindles. Although they resemble a futuristic weapon, they are only harmful if you let a novice handle them. Grinding spindles are meant for medium productivity machines such as workpiece spindles, internal grinding, and external grinding.

    • Turning Electrospindles – These electro spindles are perfect for high-dynamic automation turning machines. While these are not nearly as scary buzzsaws and other machines that turn, it can be a horrific and expensive process to repair these without the help of a trained expert like SPS.

    • High-Frequency Electrospindles for Inner Grinding – These are designed for low-productivity machines such as external and internal grinding and dressing spindles.

    • Milling Electrospindles – These are great for vertical and horizontal machining centers that work with titanium, alloy steel and aluminum alloys.

    • Motorspindles – Motorspindles use integrated motors for high-dimension milling machines. These devices were designed to be used in the energy sector and other heavy duty industries.


  • Belt-Drive Spindles – These are great for internal grinding for high-productivity machinery.



In conclusion, there is no need to be frightened by the high-quality spindles that are made by Capellini Electrospindles and installed by SPS Spindles. Our technicians are trained to provide comprehensive on-site spindle analysis, repair, and installations. We pride ourselves on conducting thorough evaluations to determine how improvements can be made to your machines. Your satisfaction is our main goal. For more info, visit, call 800-892-6258, or check out our Facebook page HERE.


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