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Multi Axis Milling Head Repair

milling-headSPS Spindle offers complete rebuilding services on multi-axis milling heads.  Our facility is equipped with modern and innovative tools to offer our customers specialized multi-axis milling head rebuilding services done quickly to minimize your machinery downtime.  The level of service provided varies on the needs of our customers, from a minor bearing replacement, to a full comprehensive overhaul including milling head bearing and gear replacement; SPS Spindle will deliver quality services when you need them most.  Below is a breakdown of our Multi-Axis Milling Head repair process.


Incoming Inspection – SPS performs an initial inspection of the multi-axis milling head to determine bearing condition, gear clearances and condition.  Interfacing with any outside components is reviewed.


Disassembly – The milling head is carefully disassembled using a variety of specialized tools and best practices.  The condition of components are reviewed and evaluated throughout the entire disassembly process


Component Inspection & Failure Analysis – Throughout the entire incoming and disassembly process, information is gathered for use in the failure analysis of the milling head.  Preventing future failures is the primary goal of this in-depth failure analysis process.


Quotation – The SPS multi-axis milling head repair quote begins with an evaluation of all the main spindle components, and the gearbox components and replacement parts.  Actual breakdown hours, assembly hours, parts reworking hours, along with the replacement parts needed and outsourced services make up the milling head repair quotation.


MultiAxisMillingHead2.jpgMachining & Component Rework – In-house machining and precision grinding capabilities at SPS allow us to remanufacture or manufacture new, many components for the multi-axis milling head repair process.


Assembly – Our experienced technicians have received professional spindle repair and gearbox repair training in bearing installation and measurement techniques, by a variety of machine tool original equipment manufacturers and bearing manufactures.  Experience, training, and the proper tools are the key to a quality milling head repair.


Quality Control – A critical step in our multi-axis milling head repair process is verifying that the milling head meets our repair specifications.  Whether the milling head repair is a fully integrated direct drive unit, or a gear driven milling head attachment, SPS Spindle performs a battery of quality control inspections.


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