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Cooling Systems/Chillers

coolingsystem1With the complex designs of machine tool spindles now in the market, the need for proper spindle cooling is more important than ever. In most any machine tool, the spindle assembly is susceptible to the adverse affects of overheating. A properly cooled spindle will last longer, provide greater precision, and will have more constant power throughout the machining process.


The design of the direct motorized spindle makes it more prone to overheating conditions. Since the motorized spindle has an integrated electrical stator in the housing, and a rotor attached to the shaft, those components alone can generate additional heat within the spindle assembly. As heat from the motorized spindle builds, it can travel down the spindle shaft and cause thermal growth of the spindle.  This excessive heat can shorten the spindle life, limit spindle performance, and affect part quality.


SPS Spindle can supply coolant systems in various configurations: Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, and Portable Systems. We also offer custom cooling systems that can be built to your machine tool specifications.  If you need to keep your spindle cool, contact SPS Spindle.


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