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An Up-Close Look at Capellini Electrospindles and their Belt-Drive Spindles

As you may know, we set the bar high when it comes to custom spindles, spindle repairs, metalworking and grinding. We believe in putting the customer first by providing accurate estimates, quick turnarounds and long-lasting repairs. Something else you may be aware of is the fact that we sell the highest quality spindles just in case a damaged spindle is beyond repair.

Prove it! Fair enough. Everybody says that they sell “premium” products, but we truly do. We are an authorized dealer of Capellini Electrospindles, an international authority on everything related to spindles.

When it comes to metalworking for grinding, Capellini’s electrospindles are considered some of the top spindles in the US. They have been manufacturing and designing electrospindles for over 30 years and have the process down to a science.

Capellini Electrospindles offers custom-built spindles that are fast, durable and high-quality. They offer eight lines of spindles to suit a versatile range of applications and uses.


Similar to SPS Spindle, Capellini is not content with being great. We want to push the limit by offering innovative solutions. That’s one of the reasons we have teamed up with Capellini to offer you top of the line products that are evolving to stay ahead of the times.

Here are some specifications about their belt-drive spindles, which are designed for medium-technology machines including wheel spindles. These are Ideal for internal and external grinding, workpiece spindles and dressing spindles.


Wheel Spindles for External Grinding

  • Commercial code: SGE0035AB00
  • Grease is the lubrication method required.
  • Their maximum speed is 3,500 RPM, and they are cylindrically shaped.


Wheel Spindles for Internal Grinding

  • Commercial codes: SGI0460AB00, SGI0400AB00, SGI0320AB00, SGI0220AB00, SGI0170AB00
  • Oil is the lubrication method required.
  • Their maximum speeds range from 17,000-46,000 RPM, and they are cylindrically shaped.


Workpiece Spindles:

  • Commercial codes: SMS0020AB00, SMS0015AB00, SMS0005AB00
  • Grease is the lubrication method required.
  • Their maximum speed ranges from 500-2,000 RPM, and they are also cylindrical.


Dressing Spindles:

  • Commercial code: SGD0060AB00
  • Grease is the lubrication method required.
  • Their maximum speed is 6,000 RPM, and they too are cylindrical.


We are trained to sell, install and service all of these belt-drive spindles. Whether you need spindle motor repair or a complete spindle rebuild, you can count on SPS Spindle to fix most brands and styles.

Give us a call today to see how we can help improve your metalworking products, processes and shops – 800-892-6258.

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